Infrastructure Engineering
Corrosion Prevention
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We provide customized environmental solutions that can cater to a wide range of sectors which include industries such as the petroleum and petrochemical, maritime, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, food & beverages, chemical and manufacturing.

Our team of dedicated professionals identifies the requirements of each client and provides treatment solutions through a series of activities which include consultation, site sampling & testing and detailed analysis. Our design and build (or turnkey) services are supported by our infrastructure engineering division enabling us to provide a no-frills one-stop solution to our clients.

Our water and wastewater treatment/re-utilisation solutions are provided by Pureflow Pte Ltd while the solid wastes treatment and re-utlisation solutions are provided by NewEarth Pte Ltd.

A brief description of our one-stop environmental solution service is as follows:

Identifying clients requirements through discussion, site surveys, sampling and testing and data analysis.
Process Design
Based on tests results and analysis conducted during consultancy, customized treatment process is designed.
Equipment Sourcing
Upon completion of the process design, suitable equipment meeting clients requirements are sourced
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