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1990 Beng Kuang Marine, was first established by our founder, Mr. Chua Beng Kuang, as a sole proprietor.
1994 Beng Kuang Marine was being converted into a Beng Kuang Marine Pte Ltd.
In the same year, BKM Industries and Engineering Pte Ltd was formed and branched out from BKM.
1996 With the acquisition of more equipment and machinery, Superior Services Center was incorporated to better manage, provide efficient utilization and maintenance of equipment.
1997 A number of subsidiaries were incorporated to serve different shipyards with a more distinct, tailored and personalized approach.
1998 Labroy Marine Limited, a public listed company on Singapore Stock Exchange, took a keen interest in Beng Kuang Marine Pte Ltd and invested 51% into the shareholding. (Subsequently, Labroy Marine Limited has been acquired by Dubai Drydock Group and been de-listed from the Exchange in 2008)

In the same year, BKM formed Beng Kuang Marine (B&M) to serve another yard for business expansion.

Asian Sealand Engineering Pte Ltd was being acquired to spearhead our business in Infrastructure Engineering.

BT Asia Marketing & Engineering Pte Ltd was incorporated to explore the potential market on waste management.
1999 Asian Sealand Engineering Pte Ltd had obtained its ISO Certification for excellent commitment to quality.
2000 PT Nexus Engineering Indonesia was incorporated to spearhead the businesses in Batam, Indonesia to provide BKMs expertise in Infrastructure Engineering services to overseas market.
2001 As the Group grows, Nexus Sealand Trading Pte Ltd (formally known as BKM Industries and Engineering Pte Ltd) was being assigned to drive the Groups Supply & Distribution businesses.
2002 Picco Enterprise Pte Ltd was being formed to venture into the beverage market.
2003 Tapping onto the growth of the marine industry, B & J Marine Pte Ltd was incorporated to provide tank cleaning services to shipyards and vessel owners at dockside and at anchorage.

In the same year, PT Master Indonesia was being formed in Batam, Indonesia to expand our Supply & Distribution business.
2004 Nexus Hydrotech Pte Ltd was incorporated to provide hydro-jetting services to both shipyards and vessel owners.

In the month of October, Beng Kuang Marine Limited was successfully listed on the SGX-SESDAQ.

Also in the same month, ORIS Marine, IMEX Marine and CP Marine Hub were formed to provide services for repairing of ships, tankers and as well as other ocean-going vessels.

Four sole proprietorship namely Beng Kuang Marine (B & Chew), Beng Kuang Marine (B & Y), Beng Kuang Marine (B & M) and B & K Marine were converted into private limited constitutions to manage their own Corrosion Prevention activities at different shipyards.
2005 ASIC Engineering Sdn Bhd was incorporated to extend our Infrastructure Engineering services to Malaysia.
2006 In the month of January, Pioneer Marine was incorporated to provide services for repairing of ships, tankers and other ocean-going vessels as well.

Venture Automation & Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd was incorporated to expand the range of Infrastructure Engineering services in the provision of electrical and installation services. It is awarded the authorized distributorship for AUTRONICA fire and safety products in Indonesia.
2007 Asian Sealand Automation Pte Ltd was incorporated to provide automated engineering services.

Pangco Pte Ltd, with PT Berger Batam as its operating arm, was incorporated to specialize in abrasive blasting for market expansion in Batam, Indonesia.

Water & Environmental Technologies (WET) Pte Ltd was being acquired for the ventured into the water and waste management industry.

PureFlow Pte Ltd (PFPL) is a subsidiary of WET Pte Ltd which was incorporated also in the same year. It offers complementary environmental solutions in water and wastewater treatment and re-utilisation.

NewEarth Pte Ltd is a sister company of PFPL that revolutionarily transforms industrial wastes produced by Singapores multi-industries into environment-friendly value-added products using technology such as Crystallisation Technology.

NewEarth Singapore Pte Ltd was incorporated by NewEarth Pte Ltd in 2005 as a commercialized vehicle in Singapore after positive result had achieved from their CT Pilot project.

OneHub Tank Coating Pte Ltd was incorporated to venture into internal tank coating market.

Beng Kuang Marine Limited was successfully transferred onto the SGX Main board.

In the same year, we acquired a 32 hectare plot of leasehold land in Batam, Indonesia, mainly to bring the company to a higher level in undertaking larger scale projects.
2008 PT Nexelite CP Indonesia was incorporated to provide corrosion prevention service to expand market share in Batam, Indonesia.

Drako Derrick Services Pte Ltd was incorporated to provide rig building activity using rope access services.

PT Nexus Engineering Indonesia has obtained its ISO 9000 certification.

Asian Sealand Engineering Pte Ltd (ASE) has secured its maiden largest single contract on 30 September 2008 for the construction of 260 man accommodation block for a pipe-laying barge of total value S$21million in our Kabil yard in Batam, Indonesia.
2010 Ocean Eight Shipping Pte Ltd was incorporated on May 2010 to engage in owning and chartering of livestock carriers.
2011 Beng Kuang Group secured its first long term (5 years) shipping contract, to ship live cattle from Australia to Indonesia and other parts of Asia.
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