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What is Corrosion Prevention?
Corrosion prevention lengthens the lifespan of metal structures. When exposed to the elements in the environment, metal structures will suffer deterioration in structural strength. Corrosion prevention typically begins with the blasting process, which cleans and eliminates contaminants on the surface of metal structures. This prepares it for coating and painting which will protect and prolong the life of these structures.

Corrosion is the deterioration of a material or its properties due to its reaction with the environment. Materials may include metals and alloys, non-metals, wood, ceramics, plastics, composites etc. Corrosion can occur through chemical or electrochemical reactions and is usually an interfacial process between a material and its environment.

Corrosion prevention is generally a method of repairing and protecting damage metal surface in ships or structure. This is primarily done using various blasting method to remove damaged paint from the structure and applying a new coat of paint.

Complete Range of Services
We provide comprehensive corrosion prevention services through a wide range of blasting and coating methods at our own yard as well as on-site at customers shipyards. To complement our core services and deliver a one-stop solution to customers, we are also engaged in the design and supply of blasting and painting systems.

We mainly provide corrosion prevention services to mainly shipyards in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia where this is part of their ship building, ship conversion and ship repair activities.

Why choose Beng Kuang Group Corrosion Prevention?
We are a leading corrosion prevention specialist in Singapore. We have been in this industry since early 1980s. We provide high quality and efficient services to customer in the marine, oil and gas, civil construction and infrastructure industries. Over the years, we have enhanced our core competencies and moved up the value chain to establish a strong niche in specialised tank coating services and large scale plant operations.

In tandem with the expansion of our service offerings, we have continued to strengthen our foothold in the marine and offshore sectors. Our commitment to meeting customers expectations and consistently delivering jobs on schedule has enabled us to be a resident contractor for premier shipyards in Singapore. We believe the award of this status underlines the quality and reliability of our accredited services.

Our method of corrosion prevention is the application of protective coatings to provide an effective barrier to corrosion and include metallic, chemical conversion, inorganic non-metallic and organic coatings. Prior to the application of an effective coating on the metal, it is necessary to clean the surface to remove dirt, salts, grease, old coatings of paint, oxides such mill scales and rust.
This is carried out with the use of abrasives such as copper slag via high pressure blasting equipment.

We offer blasting and painting services to our customers both in Singapore and Batam mainly in the marine, oil and gas, and other industries.

Our fabrication yard in Singapore has a manual blasting chamber that can accommodate structures and pipe dimensions of up to 6m by 18m. Our fabrication yard in Batam operates an auto-blast machine within a semi-automatic blasting chamber with a dimensional capacity of 6m by 24m and a copper slag processing plant.

Marine Industry

We mainly provide corrosion prevention services to shipyards which require our blasting and painting services as part of their shipbuilding, ship conversion and ship repair activities. Generally, we provide our corrosion prevention services for the external hull of ships and onboard the vessel. External hull corrosion prevention involve the blasting and painting of the vessels external hull, whilst onboard vessel corrosion prevention services involves the blasting and painting of the vessels structures such as tank internals, ship decks, accommodation and other storage tanks.

Generally, shipbuilding, ship conversion and ship repair activities require a wide spectrum of work and services which include works on steel structures, piping systems, corrosion prevention, carpentry, electrical, engineering and mechanical systems. Ship conversion generally involves the conversion of vessel type for different function, for example, the conversion of a cargo vessel to a livestock carrier, jumboisation of vessel and FPSO/FSO conversion. For converting a vessel to an FPSO, in addition to the works mentioned in the above, different process modules will need to be fabricated so that the vessel can carry out oil and gas exploration and production work.

Usually, the resident ship external hull blasting contractor of a shipyard is required to perform external hull corrosion prevention services within the shipyards premises. To qualify as a ship external hull blasting resident contractor, we have to meet and maintain stringent requirements of the respective shipyards in terms of track record, job quality and prompt delivery, amongst others. We have a proud record being resident contractors for nine established shipyards in Singapore and Batam, and are one of the leading contractors that to offer corrosion prevention services.

A brief description of the external vessel hull corrosion prevention process is as follows:

Vessel Docking
The vessel is docked for mandatory inspection by the classification societies and/or drydock repair work such as corrosion prevention, steel structure renewal in way of the underwater area, etc.
Marine Growth Removal
Initial part of the cleaning process begins with the mechanical removal and manual scrapping of marine growth that is attached to the vessel.
Surface Cleaning
Wash the vessel external hull via high pressure water jet to remove common contaminants such as oil, grease and salts.
Surface Preparation
Employment of a suitable technique, using either abrasive blasting, hydro-jetting or mechanical power tooling for the removal of rust and paint prior to new application.
Paint Application
Application of effective coating to protect the metal surface from corrosion as well as for aesthetic purposes.
Final inspection will be carried before the handing over of vessel to the owner.
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